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Germany's Defeat Essay

  • Submitted by: Arjunthakkar
  • on November 17, 2013
  • Category: History
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Germany’s Defeat

There were many factors which contributed to the defeat of Germany: the Soviet Union was important as the German army could not cope with the Russian winter and also could not capture the two major cities Moscow and Leningrad before the Russian winter hit.   However other factors such as the allies having superior recourses to Germany also added to their defeat as this showed that they were not as prepared.
The main reason for Germany’s defeat was the Soviet Union, this was because they failed to capture the two major cities of Russia: Moscow and Leningrad before the terrible Russian winter hit. Another reason for Germany’s defeat was that they could not cope with the dreadful winter, in addition to this as Germany was advancing through Russia they was losing supplies, on the contrary Russia seemed to have limitless numbers of soldiers and war materials this led to many German solders being killed and also making the invasion of the soviet union the main reason. The Soviet tactics, such as: Stalin used his intelligence and ordered the red army to retreat so that they were fit to fight at a later date during the Russian winter. Another reason was that the advancing of the German troops into Russia was made difficult because of the terrible rain of November turned the already poor Russian roads into impossible swamps additionally, the weapons which were used by German forces froze as they were also not able to cope with the Russian winter.   If Germany had not invaded the Soviet Union they could’ve been able to at least prevent many soldiers being killed and have many war materials.
Another factor which contributed to the defeat of Germany was Hitler’s mistakes: Hitler made many mistakes such as speculating the win and being overstretched because of the success of the German campaign,   as a result of this enthusiasm Hitler was encouraged start the invasion of the Soviet Union which began the defeat of Germany there. Another mistake which Hitler...

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