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Getting Married vs Essay

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  • on November 23, 2012
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Getting married is a crucial decision that completely changes people's life, and taking this decision needs one to be mature enough to handle these changes. It's not just changing   relationship status on paper or on Facebook wall, but it's changing in people's behavior and way of living.   Many teenager these days think that married life is similar to single life, or they think that marriage is a long honeymoon or a haven's life. Therefore, they take this decision easily with out concerning about how their future life could be, and they look into the bright and shiny side; the side of happiness and having a partner, and the side that seems like a romantic story as Romeo and Joliet's story. However, married life is   contrary to what they think; it's actually a sheared   life with other person who has his/her own needs, believes, and background.   The sheared life   that teenagers look into gets couple share their money, time, and decisions.   Also it has married couple   have less freedom and allocate time to their family, and house. The main distinctions between married life and single could be summarized in three differences; differences in financial matter,   differences in responsibilities, and differences in way of planing.
Single and married couples are financially different since both has different spending priority. For example, singles prioritize spending money on their education, and for their leisure time activities whereas married couple prioritize saving money for their children's education to provide them a good future.   Also, unmarried people spend less money on housing and living utilities since they don't need a multi room home with a play ground nor consuming high level of electricity which are considered as necessities for having a happy family. In addition, unmarried are financially individual, while married couple split their money and possessions between each other.   For instance, singles usually don't have some one to spend their money on ,so they...

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