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Gis Remote Sensing Essay

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Proposal |
Inequality and brain drain an image of Mardan district. |
Assistant Prof. Dr.Muhammad Zaman |

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Ishtiaq Alam

Msc. Sociology

              Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.

1. Introduction
  1.1. Sociological significance of the study
  1.2. Research Question
              1.3 Objective
2.   Review of the relevant literature
3. Theoretical framework
3.1 Weber rationalization theory
3.2 Push and pull factors theory
3.3 Hypothesis
4. Methodology
4. 1         Universe
4.2 Unit of analysis
4.3 Tools for data collection
4.4 Techniques for data collection
4.5 Tools for data analysis
4.6 Techniques for data analysis
4.7 Opportunities and Risk
4.8 Ethical Concerns
5. References  

  1. Introduction
The issue of brain drain is needed to be debated upon. It is not something new but already existed everywhere in each society, which requisite a great concern to be discussed in proper mechanism. The brain drain phenomenon refers to the movement of highly qualified, skilled and competitive personnel to developed nations. Brain drain causes a huge loss of talented people’s human capital, which affects the development of the entire country. Because of international exchange of scholars, teachers and students an exchange of “brain gain” occurs, which is properly utilized by first world countries. Such groups consist of doctors, engineers, scholars, thinkers, agriculturalists, scientists and researchers. The main factor is that these groups also includes a large number of students who studies abroad and most of them are from developing and third world countries. To avail opportunities and better life style they try to remain and settle over there. The phenomenon of brain drain revolve around the losses and gain of well trained and highly qualified person’s from third world countries to first world. Such migration represents a transfer of human resource to...

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