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Gjkhklghlhlhlhklhl Kolbolhkhlbb Hjvbhjbjhbjhb Essay

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4th March 2013 Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Our current Three Year School Development Plan (SDP) was drawn up after wide-ranging consultation with pupils, members of the Student Council, Parents’ Association, staff, link schools and other external agencies. As a result of this consultation, Ongoing Developments in Information and Communication Technology was prioritised as one of the six Drivers of the school’s new SDP. You will be aware that a number of actions in this area have already been implemented, for example the introduction of ParentPay, the introduction of text messaging to Parents and the development of our Virtual Learning Environment to facilitate pupil learning outside of the classroom. We now wish to inform you about our next development. As a result of our current smartcard system no longer being able to offer us the functionality we require in the school, we have researched the market and decided to install a biometric system whereby students will use their finger to identify their personal account. The biometric image is a unique feature to an individual. This makes the biometric image the most reliable kind of personal identification system as it cannot be forgotten, misplaced or stolen. A biometric system provides each student with a unique system with a mathematical algorithm which translates each his fingerprint into a 13 digit number. This number is the unique reference for accessing each account. This information cannot be accessed by anyone outside the system or used or transferred outside the school. This system will be operating from 8 April 2013. It will enable students to: Pay for their food in the Canteen/Link Area/Sixth Form Cafeteria from funds they have loaded onto their account; Pay for books/stationery in the Bookpress; Borrow books from the Library; Access onsite registration for the Library and Study in the Sixth Form; Print work and access it using their finger image data; Gain access to the school; We will not be rolling out...

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