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Global Marketing Strategy Essay

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M. Fatih Akkaya Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade Expert

Index: 1) Executive Summary 2) Global Marketing Strategies 3) Global Market Entry Strategies 4) Appendices 5) References


1) Executive Summary: Usually, selling focuses on the needs of the seller, marketing on the needs of the buyer (customer). The purpose of business is to get and keep a customer. Or, to use Peter Drucker`s more refined construction to create and keep a customer. (through product differentiation and price competition) International marketing involves the marketing of goods and services outside the organization`s home country. Multinational marketing is a complex form of international marketing that engages an organization in marketing operations in many countries. Global marketing refers to marketing activities coordinated and integrated across multiple markets. A firm`s overseas involvement may fall into one of several categories: 1- Domestic: Operate exclusively within a single country. 2- Regional exporter: Operate within a geographically defined region that crosses national boundaries. Markets served are economically and culturally homogenous. If activity occurs outside the home region, it is opportunistic. 3- Exporter: Run operations from a central office in the home region, exporting finished goods to a variety of countries; some marketing, sales and distribution outside the home region. 4- International: Regional operations are somewhat autonomous, but key decisions are made and coordinated from the central office in the home region. Manufacturing and assembly, marketing and sales are decentralized beyond the home region. Both finished goods and intermediate products are exported outside the home region.


5- International to global: Run independent and mainly self-sufficient subsidiaries in a range of countries. While some key functions (R&D, sourcing, financing) are decentralized, the home region is still the primary base for many...

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