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Global Operations Managment Essay

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MGMT415-1205A-04 Global Operations Management

As a part of the management team for the company of PPQ Parts Inc., I have been held responsible in my findings and of the selecting of the best software packages that would serve in the firm’s best interests and the needs of the organization. The following specified and clearly stated needs are as follow-the material requirements planning, the capacity requirement planning and the latter being the enterprise resource planning. These needs are very important for the organization and crucial in their day to day operations and need to become focused on as well as identified and made clear to what they each entail. Each of these systems is special in the fact that they all need each other to go hand in hand in order for each to work for the organization in peak performance and the first of them being the MRP as this is basically a system used for production of and the planning of new things for the company such as the releasing to the consumers of new products. (Gaither, Frazier, 2002).
The MRP also does another specific job as it also controls the inventory as part of its job and may also include such things as maintaining such specific and tedious details involved in the production or the manufacturing of these products respectively. The MRP’s performance and functions are almost always performed by technology or with the latest in computers but they can also be done manually or by hand. Such area to go over in the material requirement planning list or consists of three points involved in this process, these following areas or valid points need to be reached at the same possible time in order to take effect. The first point being is that the system must have intact the necessary materials are met in order to meet the needs of the production levels as well as the delivery to those people who have placed their orders for these products. One other point is that the system...

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