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Glt Task 3 Essay

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  • on November 19, 2013
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Elements of controversy

    The nature versus nurture debate has been going on for hundreds of years, spawning many debates from philosophers.   Nature describes what a person is predisposed to genetically, not only that our genes are responsible for our eye color, but also our personality and mental capabilities.   Nurture on the other hand are the environmental influences that surround us within our lives.   This theory states that we are born a “blank slate” and only learn or adopt characteristics through our environment. (Wikipedia, 2013)

Discussion of controversy

    Nature suggests that we are born with certain characteristics that occur   whether or not there are changes in the environment around us.   We know that certain characteristics such as hair color and susceptibility to certain diseases are determined by our genetic makeup.   That leaves the naturists to wonder if personality traits and mental capabilities are genetically determined.  

    Nurture suggests that our environment determines our knowledge and molds who we will become.   The environmentalists believe that we are born as a “blank slate”.   They believe that mental capabilities and personality are learned through our environment. (Wikipedia, 2013)

Until the early 1900’s, most of the theorists believed nature was the bigger influence, however in the last several decades, researchers and theorists have been leaning towards nurture.   In the modern world today, neither extreme is accepted, it is widely believed that both play a vital role. (McLeod, 2007)

Compare and contrast

    The first study, “Nature and Nurture in Infant Appetite, Analysis of the Gemini Twin Birth”, examined appetite in infants twins.   Subjects were a population based sample of twins, parents filled out surveys that evaluated eating behaviors of the infants during the first three months of life.   The survey called the “Baby Eating Behavior Questionnaire”, asked the parents to rate eating behaviors on...

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