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Goals Paper

  • Submitted by: ekmarshall
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Emily Marshall
November 3, 2012
Rec 80: 9:30-10:45

John Goddard once stated, “It’s helpful to look at your life and ask: ‘If I had one more year to live, what would I do?’ We all have things we want to achieve. Don’t put them off—do them now!” Goddard was a man of many goals, a man that people should envy and look up too, and a man that wasn’t afraid to be great and do great things. After reading the article, “I Want to do it All” about John Goddard, I realized that, we as humans, are just a small part to this huge world and the other part of the world is for us to experience and explore. But without goals in our lives, we do not have any motive to achieve them. In our lives, goals keep us on track and put excitement into our daily lives.
Goal One:
As a child, I grew up around politics and politicians. My mom ran for city council and many of her friends hold elected offices or work in politics.   I learned at an early age about politics at the local level.   For my first goal, I will go to Washington D.C. for an internship the summer of 2014. As a political science major, interning in D.C. would be an amazing opportunity and possibly help me get a job after I graduate. It would also broaden my horizon on the “real world” of politics. I would love to intern for a democratic politician. While I am in Washington D.C., I will tour the White House and try to meet President Barack Obama, that is after he wins the election. Also, I am going to sit in on a session of Congress.   I believe that one day I could have a career in politics and maybe be the first woman President. To achieve this goal, I have to
stick with my political science major and get in touch with a politician that I want to work with in Washington D.C.
Goal Two:
Before I turn 25, I want to travel all throughout Europe and Turkey. I want to experience what life is like outside of the United States, try new foods, and step out of my comfort zone. Living in the United States, I feel as if we...

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