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Gold Rush Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Gold rush
• The Kelly’s were selectors (poorer farmers). They turned to crime because they were unable to make a living.
• Bushranger is someone in pursuit of crime in the bush
• Gold rush was from 1851 – 1860
• Victoria was colonised in 1851
• Peter Laylor was a miner elected to parliament to represent miners
Problems on the gold fields:
• Licence see cost went up
• Miners would have to get a new licence every month
• Lack of physical protection
• Major diseases like typhoid and dysentery
• Crime rates were high
• Very high cost of food and medicine
• The way the colonial government responded to the miner’s dissatisfaction.

The Eureka stockade

• 3/12/1854
• The conflict between the miners and the government was in Ballarat and lasted 20 minutes.
• 30 people died.
• Miners fought for the right to reform licence fee miners achieved.
• The Eureka stockade became the rights of ordinary people
• Democracy – The common people have the real political power
What caused the Eureka stockade?
• The eureka stockade was mainly because the miners were concerned about the high cost of licences
• James Scobie’s death (Scottish gold miner) was a trigger for the miners to revolt.
• Miners resisted the license check by the government.
• The owner of the eureka hotel was James Bentley

Buckland river
• Small group of Europeans attacked the Chinese in Victoria in 1857. The Chinese were beaten and fled across the river and were given shelter by European diggers. The Victorian government then granted compensation for the Chinese and they were encouraged to return. They returned and camped in selected Chinese villages.

Lambing Flat
• In 1860, the miners felt lambing flat was their last chance to find the fortune, it was to be the new Ballarat
• After the Buckland river conflict and the lambing flat (1860) the colonial government introduced special tax on the Chinese in 1861. They imposed a 10 pound for every Chinese on the ship’s cargo.
• The tax...

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