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Good Structure Decreases Bureaucratic Dysfunction and Increases Organizational Resilience Essay

  • Submitted by: aslampervaiz
  • on November 25, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Good Structure Decreases Bureaucratic Dysfunction and Increases Organizational Resilience" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Good structure decreases bureaucratic dysfunction and increases organizational resilience
By Aslam Pervaiz Abro, Student MSc Resilience – Cranfield University

Since last decade the term resilience has blossomed from a simple word into a power concept, offering techniques to the planners and business continuity practitioners to enhance ability of their organizations to continue to operate in event of crisis. With the convergence on its meaning by various researchers around the globe, the terms suggests an ability of something or someone to cope in the face of adversity – to recover and return to normality after confronting an abnormal, alarming and unexpected threat. Besides capabilities of bouncing back to the business, it suggests to build adaptability and capacity to absorb threats in order to be able to survive in turbulent environment.
The world we live in is constantly changing with alarming pace, thereby mounting uncertainty and complexity. It is faced with challenges such as terrorism, the threat of BSE (mad cow disease) and flu pandemics, global warming, natural and manmade disasters, burgeoning population, economic recession and climate change. While these issues have exposed our society to risks and vulnerabilities, it has arguably become brittle and susceptible to disruptions and traumatic happenings.
Resilience of society and resilience of organizations are inseparable from each other. No society can claim to be resilient unless the organizations providing it with utilities, transport, food, and those operating in supply chain and financial sectors are resilient. In order to be able to bounce back to business after facing disruptive event, the organizations need to have or developed a good organizational structure that helps it manage for performance and adaptation to the turbulence and threats existing in the environment it operates in.
In this paper we will first discuss characteristics of organizational resilience, shed light...

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