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Government Essay

  • Submitted by: ajjuarez
  • on November 25, 2012
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Government notes
-Philadelphia convention
*the delegates
  George Washington
    Benjamin Franklin
  James Madison
•Delegates who attended were     qualified and experienced
•were wealthy
*not in attendance
Thomas Jefferson
Patrick Henry
Samuel Adams
•collective beliefs and philosophies of the delegates
•importance of those who weren't there
-the convention begins
•delayed beginning
•proceeding conducted in secret
•delegates decide to discuss all maters of government not just revisions to the articles
-the Virginia plans
• proposed a strong national government
•three active branches of government
•two house congress with proportional representation
-the New Jersey plan
•single-house legislature
•equal representation
•plural executive elected by congress
•supreme court chosen by the     executive
•acts by congress and treaties superior to state law
-the debates rages on
•battle over reorientation and apportionment continues
•other matters debated and decided
-the great   compromise
• the house would proportional representation
•the senate would have equal representation
-compromise between northern and southern states
•three fifths of slave populations would be included in determining house representation
•the south agreed to allow congress to have the power to pass tariffs
•the north agreed not to interfere with slave importation for 20 years
•the compromise avoided making slavery an issue for the debate
-limits on democracy
•delegates wanted to limit democracy
•plan to indirectly elect the president
•federal judiciary made an appellate court
•power to declare any law unconstitutional not stated but implied
-major features and indications
•separation of powers
•checks and balances
•limits on direct democracy
-major features, innovations and contradictions
•supremacy clause
•promise of a republican government
•federalism(not adopted till later)

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