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Grafitti Essay

  • Submitted by: WhitneyNikohle
  • on November 25, 2012
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Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

A research project into the perceptions of graffiti by certain individuals and groups can be seen as having grounding in both sociology and criminology. The sociology of deviance and delinquency in urban areas, as well as the socio-historical development of graffiti as a cultural practice provides a basis for further research into the effects of this phenomenon. In terms of criminology, the extent to which the police and local authorities see graffiti as a problem is also worth investigating. Various theses have analyzed the link between minor offences such as low level property crime, and the perceptions of certain public spaces as run down or insecure. As
a student of sociology the research involved in this project is an interest in how graffiti provokes a societal reaction to the changing environment of these spaces. In terms of government legislation, graffiti as a form vandalism is a criminal offence under the Criminal Damage Act 1971. This act, supplement by section 33(1) of the Court Act 1980, gives penalties for minor vandalism such as graffiti as a maximum $2,500 fine or up to 3 months imprisonment. The act also makes possession of the tools of graffiti illegal where they are intended to cause damage. Under New Labor, the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 gave rise to Anti-Social Behavior Orders (ASBOs). This allowed police and local authorities to restrict the movement or behaviors of any individuals, over 10 years old, who were found to cause a nuisance to others. As public concerns grew, the 2003 Anti Social Behaviors Unit proposed new measures to reinforce the control of such behavior as graffiti. These new measures included the use of fixed penalty notices for 16 year olds found defacing properties; banning the sale of spray paint to persons under 18 years of age; new police search powers; and power for councils to tackle graffiti on the streets. Police departments have proactively been trying to identify perpetual graffiti...

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