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Great Gastby Essay

  • Submitted by: butterisgoodHD
  • on November 17, 2013
  • Category: English
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In the book “The Great Gatsby” it show the many different qualities of human nature that mostly shows the most of the greed in mankind and to have power over one another.   While reading this book you would have notice the many evil traits that were exposed in this book. Weather it be the demand for power or the lust for, the human nature it is very noticeable when reading this book. It also makes you wonder if you act like this in your life, you want to be the most powerful person and wanting to control people.   That money is the only thing on earth that is living for and the only thing to strive for in this world and the need for attention from other people.
One of the main themes in this book is the human traits that are shown is Greed.   This is one of the main key points in “The great Gatsby” that was made is that some people are really rich. And that money is money but the only difference is “new money” and “old Money”.   Old money is money that was past down from your family and new money is being able to live the American dream and become rich. This one difference between Tom and Gatsby, Tom being old money and Gatsby being new money and their different amount of power. For an example on chapter 4 when Gatsby and Nick were together and Gatsby was driving like a crazy person and the police stopped him he showed him his card and the policeman told him that it was fine. One other thing was that

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