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Great Gatsby First Person Narrative Essay

  • Submitted by: gabrechler
  • on November 18, 2010
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You’re a star, Daisy, a true star. You’re “murmur [is] enough to make people lean toward you” (p.9).   I’m sorry if I’m being too forward but you have to understand, I’ve been waiting for this moment for the last five years, ever since I saw you in that white car. Doll, I did everything to assure that we end up together, but before you start listening to the rumors like “[I] killed a man” or any of that nonsense, I want you to hear the truth about my past.
I am fully aware of what people have said about me: I’m an egg who went to Oxford or that I was a German spy who is now living a copacetic life. The truth is I am actually a pretty simple fella – born and raised in North Dakota with my mother and father. School was important, yes, but I knew I was made for something more than just the usual life of a farmer. I was feeling restless. “Instead of being the warm center of the world, [North Dakota] seemed like the ragged edge of the universe” (p. 3). I knew it was time to go east and accomplish all the goals I had set for myself.
My parents were fully against my inclination to move but you know parents are love, always pushing us in one direction while we try to go the other. I guess that’s life. Anyway, the war started and I viewed this as my opportunity to escape the complacency of my parents. Oh Daisy, I always knew I wanted to do ducky things, but I never had the opportunity. The minute that army bus arrived, I knew I was never going back to North Dakota.
The army was excellent: exciting, dangerous and meeting new and darb people. Oh, there was such a thrill! One like I have never experienced before. I was immediately promoted to captain and fought with all my heart.   To be honest, I never fought for anything that hard until I met you. “[I’ve always been] very careful about women” (p. 72), always watching my step and what I say – “[I never] want[ed] any trouble with anybody” (p. 43), but then you came along and from that day, I have never been the same man....

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