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Greek and Aztec Comparison Essay

  • Submitted by: ytrewq11
  • on November 19, 2013
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1 So what kind of farmage do you guys have?
2 Well, due to the limited arable land, thin top soil, and sparse rainfall, we grow barley in the flat plain, olive trees at the edge of the plain, and grapevines on terraced lower slopes.
1 You know a lot about farming…
2 You bet! Did I tell you about our sheep & goats?
1 No thanks
2 Well you’ve got me started on the interaction between humans and the environment in our fine Athens.
1 Please no
2. Well to start, because we’re near the Aegean Sea, our population is quite.. Populous.
1. Why?
2. Obviously it’s due to villages merging into urban centers, facilitated by the sea transport of food and raw materials.
3. Remember when the Dark Age resulted in the depopulation of humans?
2. You bet. Then, during the Archaic Period, populations increased 5 fold or more due to increased farming.
3. I heard the switch from meat to bread and veggies was tough.
2. Yeah, but it resulted in longer life expectancy and increased fertility.
3. Dat population density, doe.
2. Tell me about it!
3. Well, population density led to people specializing in crafts and commerce.
1. Can I leave?
2 & 3. No!
1 Why not?
3. We haven’t even told you about our technology.
1. Ugh..
2. We’ll make it quick.
3. To start, our heavily armored infantrymen have; a helmet, a breastplate, leg guards, a round shield, a thrusting spear, and a reserve sword.
1. Doesn’t that cost a lot?
3. You bet. We pay for it in straight up coinage.
1. What kind of coinage?
2. Copper, silver, and gold. Duh!
3. Did I mention the boats?
1. Boats?
3. You know. Our Triremes. They’re sleek, fast, and are powered by 170 strong rowing seamen.
2. They can move at 7 knows, and can perform complex maneuvers in the water.
1. Cool. Is that all?
2. Yeah.

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