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Guan Yu Capture Pang De Essay

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  • on November 5, 2010
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Guan Yu captures Pang De, a Ming Dynasty painting by Shang Xi, c. 1430
The painter Shang Xi (d. before 1450) was a successful court painter during the reign of the Xuande emperor (1426- 35).   His painting of Guan Yu, now located in the Palace Museum collections in Beijing, is a scroll bearing no inscription.   The barely dissimulated violence of the scene makes it an unusual scroll without obvious references to contemporary Ming paintings in the same format.   He became a favorite of the emperor and was promoted from court painter to commander of the Guards in Embroidered Coats (Secret Service).
"His painting style followed the Song Academy tradition; he was versatile landscape, figure, flower-and-bird painter.   He was especially adept at creating large-scale historical paintings." (John Fairbank and Merle Goldman 115-117)   Only in the Ming capital of Beijing does Shang Xi's life and career assume any discernible outline.   He was by the Xuande reign, if not before, a painter at the Ming court in Beijing. Little is known of Shang Xi's life at the capital, but his membership of the Guards - the sole fact available to describe his career - may have had some bearing on what he painted.   Shang Xi held office as a Vice Commander in the Brocade Dress Guards {Jinyi wei).   This was quite a normal appointment for court-approved painters in the early Ming, which did not sponsor a painting academy.
Bostic 2
Bostic 2
This broad silk scroll is titled by its present curators a large painting (200 x 237 cm); it shows the chief figure of Guan Yu dressed in a green robe according to the most popular iconography of the fifteenth century and later.   "He sits above his adoptive son Guan Ping, wearing red and   drawing a sword.   In the left foreground, holding a long pole-sword, stands Zhou Cang, one of Guan Yu's leading subordinate commanders".   (John Fairbank and Merle Goldman 120 - 122) Below them, soldiers manhandle a struggling prisoner, general Pang De, and attempt to bind him...

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