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Habit 7 Essay

  • Submitted by: Jeralynng
  • on November 17, 2013
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Habit 7

As stated in The Seven Habits of Highly Efficient People, Renewal is the final habit that makes all other possible. The book describes it as sharpening the saw, which is essential to cutting down any big tree. This is true with life also; we cannot be ready to tackle life’s obstacles without sharpening our saws. We must renew ourselves in 4 different dimensions which are; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is something we can only do for ourselves, and that is why it is important to understand habits 1-6 fully. We have to understand that our time needs to be spent in quadrant II and we need to practice being proactive. After all, an investment in ourselves is the greatest investment we can make.
The first dimension of renewal is the physical. This consists of eating healthy foods that are good for the body, getting enough rest, and regularly exercising. All these activities are effective because they are spent in Quadrant II. They are preventive measures that keep us from getting sick or being unhealthy, which are all Quadrant I issues. By exercising we are expanding our strength, flexibly, and our endurance. By exercising we are expanding our capacity. Though it may be unbearable at first it will get easier and easier. This helps us gain self control, self discipline and more self confidence. By increasing our time that we exercise we are showing that we can keep commitments to ourselves. This shows that we can be accountable and dependable.
The second dimension is the spiritual. This can be a variation of many different things. An example would be taking time for prayer and mediation. This helps you renew your mind so that you are ready to serve. When renewing spiritually, we want to look deep within ourselves and find peace. When you feel spiritually renewed you are ready to promote good in others also. If your mind is centralized on your own worries and problems you are not open to understand other people’s problems or...

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