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Had to Upload a File Lol Essay

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Below is an essay on "Had to Upload a File Lol" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Tutorial One
Create a spreadsheet using the following information.  You are the owner of a fruit store, you have owned the fruit store for one complete year. Use the data below to construct a spreadsheet to display the sales figures for the first year of operation of your fruit store.
|1)     |Enter the raw data below, applying as many presentation Features (Font, Font Size, Font Colour, Number Formats and     |
|       |Colour, Cell Shading, Text Rotation, etc) to it as you wish.                                                           |
|2)     |Apply appropriate number formats to your numbers.                                                                     |
|3)     |Center your spreadsheet horizontally on the page                                                                       |
|4)     |Give your spreadsheet an appropriate title and center it across your spreadsheet.                                     |
|5)     |Select the best page orientation for your spreadsheet.                                                                 |
|6)     |Adjust the column width and row height to suit the layout you have selected.                                           |
|7)     |Create formula's to calculate totals for each month.                                                                   |
|8)     |Create formula's to calculate totals for each fruit item.                                                             |
|9)     |Setup an appropriate header for this spreadsheet.                                                                     |
|10)     |Setup a page number for this spreadsheet and place it in the footer.                                                   |
|       |                                                                                                                       |

|   |Apples               |                        |       |Bananas               |                           |...

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