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Hamlet and Ophelia Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Hamlet and Ophelia
In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, there is much confusion as to weather or not Hamlet truly loved Ophelia. Although there is evidence arguing that Hamlet never loved her and was just using her for his own selfish reasons, there is more evidence arguing that he did love her. Throughout this play it is apparent that Hamlet truly loved Ophelia and that she meant a lot to him. It showed in his letters her wrote to her, the way he responds to her when they are alone, his reaction to her avoiding him, his reaction when he finds out she is dead, and the way he talks about her at her funeral. Hamlet is very careful about expressing his love for Ophelia. He wants to protect her and he thinks the best way to do this is to make people think that he doesn’t love her. In doing this he also makes Ophelia think that he doesn’t truly love her. Throughout the play no matter what Hamlet did to her Ophelia still loved him and cared about him though. She asked God to forgive him for the way he was acting, that he was just confused.  
One example showing that Hamlet truly did love Ophelia was the letter he sent her. In one of the letters Hamlet says, “never doubt I love” (Act 2.2). He is telling her that she can doubt anything in the world even the other things he says of does that may not be true, but she should never doubt his love for her. This is the first and only time Hamlet shares his true feelings for Ophelia before her funeral. He thought that Ophelia would be the only one to read this letter so he laid his true feelings out for her to see. After this Hamlet was hesitant on showing Ophelia that he loved her because Ophelia showed the letter to her father right when she got it, and Hamlet doesn’t trust Polonius. Hamlet started acting mad to fool people and protect Ophelia. A little after this Ophelia starts avoiding Hamlet, on the request of her father. This drives Hamlet crazy so he goes and talks to her.
Another example showing that Hamlet really did...

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