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Hamlet/Oedipus Essay

  • Submitted by: jslagle09
  • on November 17, 2013
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Hamlet’s fault, and also his noble trait, is his strong love for his father and therefore the strong desire to avenge his father’s death, as well as the longing for justification. After the meeting with his father Hamlet swears to kill his uncle in revenge and states, “So uncle, there you are. Now to my word: It is ‘Adieu, adieu. Remember me.’ I have sworn’t” (Shakespeare 1.5). Hamlet’s view of his father was not one that was typical; he repeated puts his father on the same level as a god. For example, when he speaks of his uncle’s incompetence to be a ruler and the husband of his mother Hamlet states, “… my father’s brother, but no more like my father than I to Hercules” (Shakespeare 1.2). When Hamlet compares himself to Hercules he compares his father to Zeus. This glorified view of Hamlet’s father leads to the making of the plan of his uncles’ death. If Hamlet was not so loyal and revering than he would have simply accepted what occurred and done nothing about it; if he would have done nothing Hamlet’s outcome may not have been so bloody.
Hamlet is fully honest to his father in his promise, yet his belief that his mother, Gertrude, should also be punished proves to be the stronger feeling. Hamlet exclaims, “ O most pernicious women! O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain!” (Shakespeare) when he speaks of his mother. When Hamlet discusses his disgust for his mother’s actions, he complains, “… she followed my poor father’s body like Niobe, all tears, why she – O God, a beast that wants discourse of reason would have mourned longer – married with my uncle… “ (Shakespeare 1.2). This leads to Hamlet’s delay in killing Claudius and therefore in his death and the death of his loved ones
Oedipus is a man that will not relent until he finds the truth, and this characteristic is also his undoing. In order to find out who the murderer of the old king of Thebes was Oedipus states, ” I will… once again make dark things clear…Let him who knows speak out, and he shall...

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