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Hamlets Journey Essay

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  • on November 11, 2010
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Kleantre Shepard
Ms. Brownell
English 12

Hamlet Inward Hero Journey

In the traditions of the hero archetype, the journey of the hero follows a path that can be symbolized by the markers of departure, initiation and return. Within these three stages or acts, there are several sub-stages that engage the hero more precisely. Yet, as complicated and nuanced and non-traditional a society’s representative hero might be, the character of Hamlet seems to be the most unique in that more than creating an anti-hero who still provides in some way for his people, albeit in a way that bucks societies’ cultural norms, Shakespeare has created his story around a man who destroys rather than builds and a hero who subverts the archetype so much, that the basic tenants of heroic description must be altered in order to recognize him at all for what he seems to be. Hamlet first deviates from the traditional heroic path when he refuses to deal with his sense of loss in a healthy manner. Also by not killing Claudius when he has the chance, he is only increasing his inner turmoil that leads to him accidentally killing Polonius and by the way he verbally attacks Gertrude this demonstrates how, at this stage, Hamlet is incapable of any rational thought through out the rest of the play. So Hamlet begins to force his problems on other while inside he is going through a emotional battle to cope with the death of his father and send him into a state of mental instability.
William Shakespeare's Hamlet provides us with the ultimate recipe of what not to do when we are confronted with difficult circumstances. Hamlet was a man that could have been a great hero but instead destroyed his chances through his own failures. He cannot accept reality when it comes to his mother's remarriage and his melancholy forces him into a pit of despair that affects literally every aspect of his being. Hamlet only creates a worse situation for himself when he fails to act upon what he knows to be...

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