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Hand Washing Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Fundamental caring skills – NM1 502

The focus for this assignment will be to reflect on the fundamental caring skill of blood pressure [BP] monitoring. The reason I have chosen this skill is to become proficient in the assessment and analysis of blood pressure monitoring. In order to reflect this skill, I am going to use a reflective model [Gibbs Reflective Cycle, 1988]. To maintain patient/client confidentiality I will be adhering to rules and regulations as stated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council [NMC, 2004]. For the purpose of this assignment my patients will be referred to as Bill and Ben.

My placement was in the North West of England on ward caring for patients/clients with diagnosis of senile dementia. The patients on the ward were mostly immobile and regularly have their blood pressures checked because some suffer with Hypertension. Regular monitoring is important due to patients being on medication which may alter their blood pressure. The patient named Bill sat in a chair all day and rarely stood up or did anything for himself.

Preparing to take the blood pressure I referred to Fundamental caring skills Assessment Booklet,[ 2006]. This booklet specifies in detail every stage of the process needed for a consistent, reliable measurement of blood pressure using an aneroid manometer. Universal precautions were applied which involved making sure the equipment was clinically clean and sterile for each client.

Using the correct communication skills appropriate to bill understanding I explained the procedure fully gaining his valid consent. I made sure bill was comfortable in the appropriate seating and in this instance bill had been sitting all day so he was rested and comfortable. Bill was observed to be a reasonable sized man so the correct size cuff was obtained to fit on his arm. Also he only had a t-shirt on so his clothes were not restricting when the cuff was placed on his right arm. The cuff was observed to be not too tight or loose around...

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