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Harrison Bergeron and the Kayak Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Harrison Bergeron and the Kayak" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Harrison Bergeron- KirtVonegaught, JR.

The Kayak- Debbie Spring

Having your voice heard, your ideas shared, and your true self break thru is the best way to become someone important and to look up too. Imagine a world without original idea, without competition over anything? The world would never evolve. But in these two particular being ``normal`` and the same as everyone else, can do nothing but good.

The Kayak is a story that shows someone who is normally helpless and soon becomes helpful. This girl is in a wheelchair and is suddenly in a position where someone’s life is in her hands, she is so used to always have someone do everything for her. The outcome was good she saved the boy, but was then embarrassed for him to see her in a wheel chair.

  Harrison Bergeron is a story that signifies the wrong of being original, special, different,smart,good at anything, or everything, even physical appearanceis   made as no composition. It is a story where everyone is average, and in my opinion a very boring and horrible place for life. The people who have an above averageintelligents are forced to where a handicap witch send off a horrible sound every time an independent thought comes along, it interrupts it, and stops it in its tracks. And if someone is stronger then someone els they are forced to wear weight on their body’s to ``equalise them``. If someone is better looking ten another, they are forced to wear a mask. The possibilities are endless, they go to an extreme extend to make sure everyone is equal. And when someone broke the rules and removed their handy cap, they were shot.   The conflict was never resolved.

The short story Harrison Bergeron makes me think of the way our society is headed. People are judge by weight, sexual orientation, style, race, and everything under the sun. but over the years it has been getting better and better and   those comments are disappearing day by day. I think Harrison Bergeron is an extreme exaggeration of...

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