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Hcs 531 Bibliography Essay

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Medicaid Evolution Annotated Bibliography
Health Care Organizations and Delivery Systems/HCS531
March 11, 2013

Medicaid Evolution Annotated Bibliography
This annotated bibliography includes twelve references about the general evolution of health care and Medicaid.   The references focus on various aspects of the evolution of health care, providing a clear picture of how this impacts providers and patients.   Health care is always evolving, but as described in the following references, health care dramatically changed the structure of system delivery within the past few years.   Each reference provides a short description of the various ways health care evolved and impacted the various sectors in the delivery model.
Annotated Bibliography
Bard, R. (2010). Aging with grace: The evolution of health care. The Canadian Nurse,
106(8), 3. (Need retrieval from what database, URL or doi?)
This article looks at the Canadian Medicare system and issues the aging baby boomers will place on the public health system over the next couple of decades.   The article seeks to determine whether the long term goals remain sustainable for the populations involved.   The additional stresses and strains to keep the values of a quality health care system in place remain a factor across the various populations.   Whether for-profit or not-for-profit, each organization struggles to survive.   Low reimbursement, access to primary and community care, and management of chronic care remain struggles in providing quality care.
Cliff, B. (2012, March). The evolution of patient-centered care. The Journal of
Healthcare Management, 57(2), 86-88. ProQuest.
This article focuses on patient-centered care and the transformation within the
American health care system.   It also explores the definition of patient-centered care
and the outcomes that it can produce.   The article presents valid viewpoints and
information on patient-centered care that can help any health care organization
evolve to meet...

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