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Health Care Essay

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Health Care Systems: Chapter 3 Discussion Questions
1.A hospital is a very busy environment, especially if there is an emergency going on. So I think the busy environment, and different traits among these employees such as levels of training, trait anxiety, and sociodemographic characteristics can contribute tensions among these groups.
2.I think three important challenges to have to be met by hospitals to accommodate managed care is to find doctors that will accept the manage care, learn all the technological advances with the managed care, and organize all the financial difficulties that come with manage care.
3.) The traditional management structure of hospitals has been hierarchal and in the command and control style.
4.) Three important challenges that have to be met by hospitals to accommodate managed care and how are the addressing them?
Three important challenges that have to be met by hospitals is the private health insurance, medical specializations and also then federal support for new construction and expansion. This is being addressed by utilizing the medicare and Medicaid fueled costs for hospitals. This is influenced by academic medical centers, specialized clinical practices, patient care and also research.
5. I think an advantage for patients to go to a hospital or physician that specializes because they are often more educated and experienced in the matter than a regular physician. A disadvantage for the doctors converting to specializing is a lot of times to see a specialist it is more expensive and you may need a referral.
6. The rationale for the tax payers support is veterans integrated service , decreases cost & improves quality; also functions vertically integrated delivery systems. This system helps to divide the currency between the two and distributed it according to where it is needed the most.
7. The rationale probably is to keep from having another incident like we did at Walter Reed Hospital in DC in 2007. Taxpayers saw...

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