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Health Care History Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Health Care History
HCS 440
University Of Phoenix


Health Care History
The history of healthcare goes back many years. Health care in the United States has evolved tremendously over the years. The U.S health care system has been progressively changing since the 1800’s. Many of the changes in the over the last century can be contributed to advances in technology. Along with the improved technology comes the increase of the costs. Healthcare is much more reliable than it was in previous years, but it is also much more expensive. This is in part due to supply and demand. Since the use and need for quality healthcare is more desirable these days there is more of a demand for it.
The price of a service or a product can either have an elastic effect on the demand for the product or an inelastic effect on the demand for a product. For instance, if the price for a tummy tuck were to drastically drop there would probably be more demand for them, because it is something that many people may want to have done, but cannot afford. This would be considered an elastic effect. On the other hand if the price of open heart surgery were to change the demand is likely to stay the same, because open heart surgery is a procedure that is not elective, and has to be done to save the patient’s life.
When healthcare plans began to form in the 1930’s the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Organizations were the front runners in providing Americans with healthcare coverage. Blue cross covered hospitalization coverage and Blue shield covered the patient’s medical coverage. Other organizations began to surface as over the years. In the 1980’s and 90’s the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) became a popular form of healthcare option. Many found the HMO to be a good option because of the low monthly payment rate and the small co payment required for services and physician visits. The Health Maintenance Organization may seem like a good option for consumers on a budget, but...

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