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Health Insurance Reform Essay

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Below is an essay on "Health Insurance Reform" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The difference between universal health care and public option is universal health care is used to provide medical services to all the citizens free of charge regardless of person’s ability to pay for medical services. There is no minimum requirement for the citizen to pay for the cost of health insurance or any other kind of fee such as a co-payment. All the medical services under universal health care are free of charge and are available to every citizen.   However, this is completely different in regard to the public option for which the citizens have to pay some amount to purchase the medical services provided. Without a minimum amount of payment, no medical service will be provided for its citizens (Brown, 2009).
The big question that concerns us today is whether universal health care coverage will actually save our government money or cost more money in the long run. This extremely problematical concept of how much universal health care coverage will in reality save money to our current state of grim economic crisis or be a pricey burden, varies from people to people. The group of people who are in favor of universal health care claim that this plan will help us here in the United States to save around $58 billion in 2010, whereas, private health care consultancy group, Lewin Group, analyzed the whole process and came up with the amount that universal health care coverage will cost around $48 billion to $120 billion. Furthermore, since universal health care is free for the entire citizens, it will increase the federal government share spending to around $200 billion dollars per year. The main reason behind the low cost of universal health plan is that there is no need to spend money on advertisements to attract the customers towards the private health insurance companies. Therefore, overall overhead of universal health plan should be lower than the private health insurance companies (TrueCost, 2009).
The manner in which the public health insurance plan will...

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