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Health Promotion Essay

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Below is an essay on "Health Promotion" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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Task 1 Atkins and Murphy article -----------------------------------------------3~4

Task 2 Evidence-based approach to global health promotion ----------5~6

Task 3 Determinants and trends mini-essay---------------------------------7~8

Task 4 School-based health promotion---------------------------------------9~10

Task 5 Nurses’ role in smoking cessation------------------------------------11~12

Task 6 HPHS self-assessment -------------------------------------------------13~15

Task 7 Priorities in Workplace health and health promotion-------------16~17

Task 8 Health promotion projects and strategies --------------------------18~19

Task 9 Reflection on module ----------------------------------------------------20 References-----------------------------------------------------------------------------21~22

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1.Atkins and Murphy article
Reflective practice is a highly personal process, and the outcome is a changed conceptual perspective, or learning. It is a way of studying your own experiences to improve the way you work. It is very important to understand the critical thought processes underpin reflection to improve yourself as a health professional. So what are the thought processes of reflection? Firstly it is often triggered by unawareness of uncomfortable feelings and thoughts; followed by describing what happened and how you feel; then you need to analyse and evaluate feeling and knowledge relevant to the situation, and ask yourself how can you do better? Does it help to solve problem? Lastly it is important to identify any learning which has occurred and come to an action. There are two types of reflection: reflection on action and reflection in action. Reflection on action occurs after the event and helps continuing development of skills, knowledge and future practice, but reflection in action occurs during the event which influences the decision made and the care at...

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