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Healthy Lifestyles Essay

  • Submitted by: tblinn
  • on November 17, 2010
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Why is a healthy lifestyle important in school?
Between 1970 and 2000 the number of obese children in the U.S had doubled!   Over the years of living in Colorado I’ve always tried to be health conscious and maintain a healthy weight without losing nutrition.   My mom taught me how to do this and she has always kept our family healthy.   However I’ve noticed that throughout the years I see more and more teens not exercising or eating healthy.   Now I haven’t gone all over the world and observed people, but just here in Colorado I can see that the nation is getting worse and worse with nutrition every year.   In 2005 obesity percentages from children 2 to 14 years old was 29%.   This is in children just beginning school!   Children who are in school for 3/4th of the year and are supposed to be getting nutritional lunch foods.   These children are supposed to be getting exercise from gym classes and sports, but the majority of them are not.
Being in school my whole life I can say that gym being a requirement is not enough to keep students active and in shape.   This is because most gym teachers treat girls, out of shape kids, or just kids who are not outgoing with a different mentality. The starting basketball player may have to run a mile in 7 minutes where as the “nerdy” kid walks the mile in 20 minutes.   This, to me, is ridiculous!   I would understand someone being faster or slower, but when it is to the point where they don’t need to try I believe something should be done.   It’s understandable how this generation is extremely unhealthy if they are not being taught how to be healthy and active.   This is also no one’s fault but this generation so no student can blame their teachers and parents.   However, with no motivation or without being taught how to become healthy someone could just go by all their lives being unhealthy.   At young ages we should be at the top of our health.   This is because we are young, active, and in the best performance levels of our life.   This...

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