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Hell Heaven Essay

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  • on November 17, 2010
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Hell Heaven
Hell Heaven is the title because thing in life can go good, and other times it can go bad. This short story takes place in Central Square near Harvard Coop, where they would go to relax on the grass and watch as professors and students walked by. Suddenly a man named Pranab Kaku   enters the family’s lives and when everything seems to be getting better and better, things end up changing and hearts are broken. In “Hell Heaven”, by Jhumpa Lahiri, she illustrates the theme that love can end over time by religious problems, jealousy and betrayal.
Thing aren’t the way you expect it at the end.

Love can be a problem over time with little obstacles that get in your way such as religion. In the short story ‘Hell-Heaven” an intelligent man from Calcutta, Berlin comes to America seeking great opportunities in M.I.T. college. In the fall of 1974, Pranab Kaku meets a student   at Radcliffe named Deborah. There relationship starts building up more and more as he bring her for dinner   to the family’s house that he met in America as little dates. She was the type of women that most girls wanted as a mother seeing that she was attractive. After a couple months of dating, Pranab Kaku asks for his blessing into marrying Deborah. As his reliogion, it is known that Bengali are supposed to have an arranged marrige, for that he did not want to do. Asking his parents for his blessing was out of the question considering that Deborah was an American and it was not an arranged marriage. The Family that he would go eat dinner at every night had told them that there blessing was enough to get married and to tell his parents back in Berlin what was going on. Although they did not approve of Deborah and his decision, he married her anyways. When the two’s wedding came, only deborahs family attended it. When it came to Thanksgiving, only Deborah’s family were there and of course the family that helped him out when coming to America. For that reason, there separate religion...

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