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Hell Up Essay

  • Submitted by: Varina
  • on November 16, 2010
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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10/22/10 Block: 5 POV Project


(Character A)
D. Wade

Can you believe that? That was the best dunk I’ve seen in years. LeBron did you see that. Wow! I knew he was flashy, but I didn’t know he could do that. Man, where’s Coach K. I need to get back in the game and try that.   I think it would look ten times better if I did that. Chris, do you think you could do that? Never mind I know you can’t do that; your way to tall. If you could it wouldn’t look as good if I did. But anyways he looks great doing that. He did it with so much finesse, flash, and arrogance. But anyway I’m coming coach. Alright y’all.

(Character B)
L. James

Are you serious? A rookie did that. Man he’s going to be something special next year. A Dewayne and Chris you think we should try to get this kid next year too? Well, I think we should because he could run the one, D. Wade you could run the two, I’m going to run the three, and Bosh run the four. Now, all we need is a center. We’ll just cross that road when we get there. Man, if we get this kid like I intend on doing there is nothing that is going to be in our way of getting these rings. Bosh, I know you ready for your ring? I know I am. I’ve been waiting since they declared me the scoring leader of the N.B.A my rookie year. This is like a dream come true.

(3rd Person Omniscient)

  As the crowd goes wild, the rookie Jaiquan “Quan” Bell throws the emphatic dunk in the legendary blocker Dwight Howards’ face. LeBron James, Dewayne Wade, and Chris Bosh can’t believe it and wants him on their team next season. Jaiquan Bell just became Jermaine Crowley’s’ favorite basketball player. The cheerleaders will be looking for him after this game. The commentators really like this kid. Five N.B.A teams are looking how much cap space they have to sign him next year. Everybody in the gym is thinking that this man has a future in this career.

(Reflective Paragraph)

Ms. Jones I really liked this project and wouldn’t...

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