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Problem: Decrease the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.
Outline for Solution:
Carbon Dioxide has become an ever increasing problem due to its harmful effects on the world around us. Normally nature would have a system of checks and balances to even out a situation like this. But because this is a problem brought on by ourselves it must be solved likewise. The CO2 concentration has grown mostly due to the burning of fossil fuels. A simple solution would be to simply stop burning them but that is extremely impractical as fossil fuels are the biggest contributor of energy in the industrial world. So another solution must be implemented.
In order to create a solution some basic facts must be known: how much CO2 is in the atmosphere, how much that value is increasing over time, and what the rates of any processes reducing the CO2 concentration. The contributing factors are the burning of fossil fuels[S] and the natural output due to cellular respiration[C]. The reducing factors are photosynthesis in plants [P] and the natural cycle of CO2 through the ocean [O]. The ocean actually holds 95% of the current CO2 in the world. But in order to accurately determine a rate change we must get numbers involved.
X= C + S – P – O
**X is the net change of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere.
The hardest of these factors to determine is going to be the domestic uses. The number of mainstream products using CO2 will have to be counted and their yearly sales tallied. The percentage of CO2 in every product must be determined and multiplied by the volume of exported by the company. This gives a total number of CO2 for every one of the Top 50 substances. Then these Top 50 chemical products will be added together to produce a lump sum which will then be instituted into the equation as [Y].   The new net change equation is:
X = C + S – P – O – Y
However, in order for this to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere it must be siphoned from the atmosphere and then recycled into these...

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