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Herdotous And Sima Qin Essay

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  • on October 27, 2010
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Herodotus and Sima Qian had many different major leaders, all of whom had different beliefs, and different ways of ruling, but some of them also had very similar beliefs, and similar ways of ruling.   There are several different ways to come into leadership; one of the ways is to be the son of the current ruler another way is to kill the current king and take all that he has, and there are many examples of the son of a king coming to power when his father dies.   The different ways to come in to power can both have different effects on their leadership.   Many of the leaders have different ways of ruling and all the ways made their followers do different things and react in different ways.   Many kings also spoke to oracles a lot and also believed what they said no matter how ridicules it may have been.
The different ways to come into leadership can truly make people much better leaders, or kind of defective leaders.   If a person comes into leadership though murdering another person they would have absolutely nobody to train them how to lead properly.
This is one example of a ruler coming to power by murdering a previous ruler.   The first ruler that Herodotus talks about is Candaules.   Candaules thought that his wife was the most beautiful woman in all of his land, though he had no way to prove it he greatly wanted to.   He told one of his servants Gyges to hide behind a door and wait for her to take her clothes off.(34)   Candaules and Gyges thought that they could easily get away with it, but what they did not know was that Herodotus’s wife was aware that he was there the whole time.   So later when she informed Gyges that she had known all along and that she wanted some sort of redemption for what they had done.   To get that redemption she said, “Either kill Candaules and have me and have the kingdom of the Lydians, or you yourself have to die on the spot, so that in the future you will not see what you should not see, doing everything Candaules tells you to...

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