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Hero In Ceasar Essay

  • Submitted by: bedniereba
  • on November 6, 2010
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William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” is one of his real masterpieces. Each character in this play is unique and has different personality. Every character’s temperament is influential and interesting. Most leading and influential character for me, in “Julius Caesar”, is Marcus Antonius. Along the play Antony shows essential traits of a leader. He is a talented orator, loyal man, confident, courageous and good strategist. Based on these major points, Marcus Antonius is hero in “Julius Caesar”.
Mark Antony was a really skillful and talented orator. He could articulate easily and confidently. On Julius Caesar’s funeral, at first, Brutus explained to people why he and his colleagues murdered Caesar. By his speech Brutus made people believe in his love towards Rome and its people. However, Marcus Antonius’ speech changed everything radically. Here he shows his talent of a great orator. Antony’s speech influences plebeians more thoroughly than Brutus’ one. Antony is so smart that, without disgracing Brutus and other conspirators, he is able to motivate people against traitors. After listening Marcus Antonius’ words people of Rome become so motivated that they are ready to revenge all of the conspirators for Caesar’s death. Antony also uses Caesar’s will to strengthen people’s feelings. Will was the last step of convincing plebeians in Caesars goodness. Anthony’s great talent of orator, made his plan of revenge move to the next level. He was able to influence a huge mob by his words. Not every person can do this.
Marcus Antonius, a general, was completely devoted and loyal to Caesar. Caesar was like an idol and teacher to Antony. After conspiracy, planned by Brutus and his companions, which resulted in Caesar’s death, Antony could easily join traitors and cease power along with them. Though Marcus’ feelings and respect towards Julius Caesar were higher than any kind of persuasive offers. He did not even dare to think about joining conspirators’ camp. At this point...

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