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Highway Safety Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Highway Safety" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Unit 1. Highway Safety
In the U.S., ea ch yea r approx imate ly 3 m illion people a re injure d and a round 40,000 people a re k illed in tra ffic collisions. Motor vehicle collisions a re the lea ding cause of dea th for people ages 3 to 33. Among those k illed, tee nage drive rs ha ve the highest dea th ra tes pe r miles driven among all age groups, followed by e lde rly drive rs a nd young adult males. Eve ry yea r the cost of cra shes ex ceeds $230 billion dolla rs. Driving a motor ve hicle involves the conduct of sk ille d and prope rly time d a ctions unde r va rying road and tra ffic conditions base d on de cisions tha t depe nd on: • • • Lea rned Informa tion Rea listic Pe rce ptions Sound Judgments

The top 12 causes of fa ta l crashes (in orde r): 1. Failing to mainta in lane position 2. Speeding 3. Driving unde r the influe nce of alcohol, drugs and othe r medica tion 4. Failing to yie ld the right-of-wa y 5. Inatte ntion 6. Re ck less driving 7. Failing to obe y tra ffic signs or signals 8. Imprope r driving te chnique 9. Mak ing a n imprope r turn 10. Drowsy driving 11. Obscured vision 12. Driving the wrong wa y on a one -wa y stree t Tra ffic enginee rs a nd la wmake rs ha ve designe d the roads, la ws and traffic controls to he lp drive rs anticipa te and predict wha t othe r road use rs a re about to do. These efforts a re in our best inte rest a nd reduce the chances of us crashing into ea ch othe r. In our integra te d tra nsporta tion system a ll drive rs ha ve to depend on ea ch othe r to follow the rules.

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Our socie ty give s you the free dom to come and go whe re and whe n you wish. Howe ve r, driving is not a constitutiona l right it is a privilege you ea rned upon re ce iving your lice nse . You a re obliga ted to follow state licensing regula tions a nd rules-of-the-road in orde r to keep tha t privile ge. Your licensing process is regula ted by your sta te gove rnment a nd your sta te has spe cific motor vehicle la ws and...

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