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Hiiiiii Essay

  • Submitted by: rasawin
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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The Crucible – Questions Acts I-IV

  1. What is the first major event that takes place in the movie? Describe what happens.
        a. The girls sneak out of their homes and go into the woods to cast spells with Tituba.
  2. Who finds the girls in the forest?
        a. Rev. Parris
  3. What does the doctor say about the condition of Betty?
        a. There is not medical explanation for her condition
  4. What does Goody Putnam claim is wrong with the girls?
        a. She claims that they are possessed by the devil/controlled by witches (bewitched)
  5. What is Abigail’s reputation in the village?
        a. She does not have a good reputation. It is rumored that she had an affair with John Proctor
  6. How do the people of the town treat the beggars?
        a. They treat them as if they are not worth anything. They don’t want to help them and tell them to go away
  7. Who was invited to Salem?
        a. Rev. Hale
  8. How do the girls react to Betty’s condition?
        a. They are scared
  9. Describe Abigail’s attitude toward Betty and the other girls.
        a. She is mean toward the other girls. She threatens that she will kill them if they tell the truth.
  10. What do the people think is wrong with Betty?
        a. They think she is bewitched
  11. Who is Abigail in love with?
        a. John Proctor
  12. Who suspects Abigail of mischief?
        a. John Proctor
  13. What is the mood in the village? How do the people act toward each other?
        a. It is very tense. Everyone is suspicious of each other, and they constantly argue about what is going on.
  14. What is Rev. Hale looking for as he examines the girls?
        a. Marks of the devil
  15. What does Abigail’s reaction to the situation reveal about her character?
        a. She is not trustworthy and is willing to say anything to get out of trouble - vindictive
  16. Do you believe Tituba’s confession or the claims of the girls? Why or why not?...

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  • Submitted by: rasawin
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 1,158 words
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