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Hills Like White Elephants Lietary Analysis

  • Submitted by: yassini
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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Yassini Molina Michel
Literary assignment #1- Hills Like White Elephants

The story takes place in Madrid Spain at a train station in the late 1920's. Hemingway used symbolism in his story "Hills like white elephants".   The whole story is mostly a vague dialogue between an American man and a girl also called "Jig" who have to make a decision that will forever affect their lives. The author uses the idea of their destinies being able to go in two different directions, just like a railroad track can go; however, there is no way to look back, the only step is forward.  Hemingway uses some key elements to develop the theme of the story. The theme is about how Jig sees the possibility of keeping her unborn child and having a happy life, while the American man fails to see the possibilities and works to persuade her to go through the abortion. The author never names the topic of their discussion but as their dialogue progresses; it becomes obvious that Jig is pregnant. Of the many symbols from the story, some of the main ones are the hills, white elephants, and the railroad station. As the story continues to develop the scenery around them plays another role of symbolism. Jig mentions the hills comparing them to white elephants; the color white symbolizes the innocence and purity of her unborn child. These hills seem to be beautiful, natural, and completely stationery. In other words, they have always been in the same place and they will always be that way, which is just the way it is. This shows how settling down would be a necessity not only for the girl but also for the American man who is definitely not very excited about keeping the baby and is obviously in favor of the abortion, and everything he says is an effort to persuade her into it as he says: "It is really an awfully simple operation, Jig, it is not really an operation at all" . The man is being very pushy with his words. He is basically telling the girl how she should feel about it. The girl does not...

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