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Hip Hop Essay

  • Submitted by: ballerpapay
  • on November 25, 2012
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The influence of Hip Hop on American culture
Today’s mass media has a major effect on the people of our popular American culture. When we speak of mass media, we tend to immediately think of literature, music, television, bloggs, and newspapers. All of these play a part in the influence people get and portray in our society. The mass media that I feel has the most influence on today’s society is hip hop music. Hip hop music has a huge influence on the way people think and act. We see the money, girls, drugs, and carefree acting in the videos of artist, so it makes it seem like that’s the way of life. Hip hop music is not all negative, but the bad part of the game is the main problem that is affecting the youth and society of today.
Hip-hop is a modern culture consisting of music, fashion, and art. “The first people who made this music genre are the African Americans Keith Cowboy, Grandmaster flash, and furious five”. (Nelson 1) The four fundamental elements in hip-hop are hip-hop dance, hip-hop art, hip-hop music, and hip-hop fashion. Hip-hop dance includes break dancing and interesting forms of street dance. Hip-hop art includes urban inspired art and graffiti. Hip-hop music includes Dj-ing, beat boxing, rapping, and hip-hop production. Rapping includes MC-ing and urban-inspired poetry.
“Emerging from the ghettos of New York City in the 70s, Hip-Hop echoed the destruction of African Americans in the altering urban culture of the United States. Through the formation of stereotypes and role models, Hip-Hop protested for the association of black civil rights to unemployment, poverty, criminality and police brutality expressing political speech, resistance and controversy.”(d’cook web)
Today, the influence of Hip-Hop on American culture is more than obvious. The effects of Hip-Hop are visible in the way young people dress, talk, walk, and behave. For instance, the language used in Hip-Hop is typically shortened words and broken-English. Language is the...

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