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Historical Perspective Essay

  • Submitted by: SheriSchuler1
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Sheri Schuler
Task:   DB2/Branches of US Government

The Unites States government is composed of three branches, the executive, legislative, and judiciary.   The role of each of these branches was established in the Article I of the United States Constitution.   Each of these branches has to answer to the other two with the use of a checks and balances system.   “It matters enormously to a democratic society like ours that we have three branches of government, each with some independence and some control over the other two” (Sandra Day O’Connor).
The executive branch is composed of the President, Vice President, and 15 cabinet departments.   Functions of this branch include ensuring that “laws are carried out and enforced to facilitate such day-to-day responsibilities of the federal government as collecting taxes, safeguarding the homeland, and representing the United States political and econimic interests around the world” (Trethan, 2013).  
The legislative branch includes the Senate and the House of Representatives, which together form the Congress.   “The legislative branch, as a whole, is charged with passing the nation’s laws and allocating funds for the running of the federal government and providing assistance to the 50 US states” (Trethan, 2013).   The Constitution gives Congress the authority to enact legislation, declare war, impeach federal officials, and elect a President in the case of an electoral college tie.   “The Congress is the only part of the government that can make new laws or change existing laws” (The Legislative Branch, n.d, page 3, para 3).
The judicial branch includes the United States Supreme Court, as well as the lower federal courts.   “Its primary function is to hear cases that challenge legislation or require interpretation of that legislation” (Trethan, 2013).
The 3 branches were developed so as to not give any one branch, or person total power.   Together these branches are overseen by a system of checks and balances.   The...

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