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History of Policing Essay

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History of Policing

History of Policing
The history of policing reflects the way policing are displayed today. Although the era and time frames are different, there are many similarities that relate to each other during the old times and modern day policing. There has been a drastic change in the style of policing compared to 1829 and now. Understanding police history allows us to grasp how and why these important changes occur during these eras and modern day style of policing. The history shows us the many reforms and which ones had actually worked.
Sir Robert Peel
This all goes back to the English Heritage. They introduced a system called the criminal justice system in which we apply our laws against criminals today. Of the many laws that they created, others amongst them were the English common law, the high valued placed on individual rights, forms of punishment and the court systems, and the different police agencies. There were high values placed on individual liberty and governmental authority which are embodied in our bill of rights today. Control of the local authorities was a tradition in some places. This allowed the current policing problems to be put into perspective. Sir Robert Peel was the father of modern day policing. He fought to improve law enforcement in London. Due to urbanization and industrialization, the old system of law enforcement and policing had fallen. In 1829, the first “London Metropolitan Police” was created.
The most important elements of the Metropolitan Police were their strategy, organizational structure, and their mission purpose. These three core elements are what Sir Robert Peel created and instilled in his modern day police officers. Their goal was crime prevention and the protection of the community and its people. Sir Robert Peel felt and believed that prevention was by far better than reaction. It was important to prevent things from happening rather than letting them happen and then reacting to the...

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