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History of the Moon Essay

  • Submitted by: lizsuebax
  • on November 25, 2012
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Returning to the moon before the century is out

We first landed on the moon in 1969. It was a long, hard, and tedious process at the time. It took us over 8 years to build the spaceship and actually launch it into space successfully with people in it. It is said that what was preformed years ago could never be recreated.   Many people believe that the United States lacks the will to commit equivalent resources to the project. Many people doubt the United States and think we are too overconfident about what we can and cannot do. With the new technology that we have, people should have more confidence in the United States.

In the 1960s when Apollo was being created it cost one hundred and fifty billion dollars from start to finish. Today NASA is requesting a budget of just over one hundred and fifty two billion dollars. We are spending the relatively the same amount of money as we did fifty years ago. Costs will get cut back much more that the asking price of one hundred and fifty two billion because we don’t have to start from scratch this time. We have parts we can use from other space engines, shuttles, and various other equipment that will help a great deal in reducing costs. In all we could go back to the moon in little to no time for preparation if we wanted to without spending nearly as much as we did the first time around with Apollo.

When my grandparents were around my current age the Apollo program was a very big deal. It was the talk in the news, in classrooms, and on the streets. Everyone was curious to know what was going to happen and if it was really going to work. And if it did work what was the moon like.

I feel that this article relates to the world today because it shows the different aspects that we are still dealing with today. We are concerned about money and while many believe we are going through a time of recession, we still want to go out and spend billions of dollars in efforts to explore new and unknown places. We want so badly...

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