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Hitler And Stalin Essay

  • Submitted by: earjona
  • on October 28, 2010
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Through the course of history we’ve seen terrible tyrants that take over territories. From Ivan “the terrible” to Kim Jong II in Korea were under communist governments. These men can do whatever they please. We have seen this close to home with Fidel Castro in Cuba; but the two of the most important famous dictators were European. These two have influenced the development of the United States. These men were Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.
Adolf Hitler was born in a border Australian town on April 20, 1889. He was born to a middle class family. Joseph Staling was born in Gori, Georgia on December 21, 1879. Unlike Adolf Hitler, Stalin was less fortunate he was from a really poor family. Therefore from the start their life’s were completely different.
Hitler was great as a student, but once he reached middle school his progress decrease. He was used to being on top of the class and now he had tough competition. He convinced his mother to allow him to drop out. Staling got a scholarship to a good school, but due to the fact that he was very disrespectful he eventually got expelled.
Adolf Hitler got inspired by one of his history teachers. The teacher thought him using everyday examples. They learned to hate Australia and love Germany. Hitler then became a nationalist thanks to that. Stalin on the other hand was part of a group with many socialist people. They brought him closer to the ideas of Karl Marx. He was a socialist and wrote for a socialist newspaper.
Hitler was against Marxist and socialist. He believed that this was a Jewish conspiracy created by the prophet of socialism, Karl Marx. Hitler thought that soon socialists would take over the world. Joseph Stalin agreed with the ideas of Karl Marx. He believed that the socialism was the way it should be. He got this idea due to the group he was in.
Hitler was sent to jail due to the false accusations of being a socialist. He was put on death penalty but negotiated his way out of that. He told the...

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