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Holly Woods Current Events Essay

  • Submitted by: Dchap92
  • on November 18, 2013
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Hollywood’s Current Events
​Americans enjoy many pastimes and attractions that they enjoy on a daily basis. One past time Americans enjoy the most would be television. According to Alexis Kleinman, of the Huffington post, Americans watch 4.31 hours of television or movies per day. More important than the time we spend watching movies and television may be what comes across the screen. There are many different types of movies people enjoy watching but many movies have the same idea of somehow portraying an addiction whether it is drug, alcohol, or love. Judging by the way Hollywood has treated addiction in the last several years people are becoming desensitized by appearances of addiction and recovery. People also have an unclear image of what the truth is about addiction due to the way Hollywood perceives addiction.
Addiction comes in many forms but the most common is drug addiction. According to Aaron Cooper of CNN Health, observes that 22 million Americans are frequent drug users. Drug addiction has always had its place in the news whether it is someone being arrested in a traffic stop or it is millions of users wanting to legalize them.   Movies depicting drug addiction have been produced by Hollywood for many years and their leniency with the use of drug addiction simultaneously fluctuates with that of the current events and popular culture in America. In America one aspect of drug addiction tends to focus on marijuana consumption.
In 2005 America’s attitude towards drug addiction was still middle of the road with idea of accepting addiction but in a manner that people had issues if the used them. Many people then still viewed drug addiction as a problem and if people had an issue with drug addiction there were many ways for them to get help. In the news in 2005 the main focus was on the drug war focusing on marijuana consumption. At this point in time the major focus of drug consumption went from a few hard drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, to marijuana...

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