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Homework Essay

  • Submitted by: CrazyWhirlpool
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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"Have you done your homework?" said Mrs. Jacobs
"No mom!"
"Quit playing with your game and go and do it then!”
Savio reluctantly released the Controller that he had been using to play his favorite game FIFA 13 on his Playstation 3 He got up and then turned the game off and said.
"Can't I have some fun once in a while?"
"You've had enough fun today. Now, it's time to do your homework."
"Listen to your mother," Mr. Jacobs barked. "I have already told you how important your homework is."
“Yeah, like the worlds gonna end if I don’t do my homework."
"Watch your mouth!" Mr. Jacobs had been watching the evening news from in the living room couch but now he directed his full attention to his sarcastic son. Savio remained on the floor near his game console, expecting a good cursing by his dad. He was determined to remain defiant, but his dad's large imposing stature and the swiftness with which he was capable of pulling out his belt, quickly diminished his boldness. "We've been too lenient on you this year and your grades are down. But that's gonna change. From now on I want you to do that homework of yours after dinner. And I don't want to have to tell you about it, ever again."
Savio slammed his fist into floor before rising. He was aware of his disobedience, yet he wished to make a stand. "I don't know what the big deal is," he whispered.
"The big deal is: we want you to have a good future for yourself."
"I don't understand what's wrong with kids today," the Mrs. Jacobs chided him. "They can't make it any easier for you."
"Oh right, like it was so much harder when you were kids." Savio responded.
"You're damn right it was," the father argued. He got up from the couch and approached his defiant son. "We didn't have all the things like you kids have today. And we didn't talk back to our parents like you do."
"It's tough being a kid today," Savio declared, backing away from his dad. "You didn't have all the problems we have. We have a lot more...

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