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Hope's Boy Essay

  • Submitted by: tonyacrawford
  • on November 18, 2013
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Tonya Kimball
April 23, 2012
Eng 061

    Germany has made many changes over the years and these changes are evident in the government, religion, and educational system. The purpose of this paper is to explore these three aspects about Germany.

    Germany’s long form name is Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) and the government type is Federal Republic. Germany independence over the years is in 1871 the German Empire unification divided into four zones (UK, US, USSR, and France. In 1945 after WW2 separated into East and West Germany but in 1991 unified in one democratic country. The Chief of State is President Joachim Gauck and Head of cabinet Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    Today in Germany 1/3 of the people are Protestant, mostly Lutheran, another 1/3 are Roman Catholics. Nearly 5% are Muslims.As a result of the unification many Germans’ are without any religious standing. We cannot speak of religion in Germany without stating that 560,000 Jews lived in Germany when the Nazi came to power in 1933. By the end of WW2 most Jews were killed or fled the country. Today about 100,000 Jews belong to Jewish Congregation in Germany and many more consider themselves Jewish.(Worldbook, Spine Scape, Nov 2011 page 151)

    The education system in Germany is controlled by individual states. All children must go to school full time for nine or ten years. In most German states children attend elementary school for four years. German children may go to several types of schools. A gymnasium is a traditional Junior and senior high school; these schools prepare them to go to a university. They also have intermediate school that offer academic and job training. Germany has more that eighty university and many technical and specialized schools. The German educational system is one of best in the world.

    l Germany has a strong democratic government. Religion is mostly Christian and Catholic but citizen now have the right to chose, and lastely...

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