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House Of Spirits Vs Pedro Paramo Essay

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  • on November 16, 2010
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Juan Rulfo and Isabel Allende are two authors who wrote to very interesting and original works. In their novels, Pedro Paramo and The House of the Spirits, They use the idea of acquiring material wealth or rejecting it to drive some of their characters. The characters are put in situations where their needs for wealth cause them to make decisions that affect their friends, their homes, and themselves in a negative way. These decisions also take the story in some very creative directions. The two novels use the same themes; however the stories are done in different ways. This essay will focus on the characters that are trying to acquire material wealth and those who are not attracted by it. It will also compare the ways Juan Rulfo and Isabel Allende motivate their characters.
In the novels there are two characters that are very motivated by greed. In The House of the Spirits that character is Estaban Trueba. He was not very wealthy growing up and he always wanted to be rich. You see his character go through some troubles as a child and follow his entire life. In Pedro Paramo Pedro Paramo is the character that is similar to Estaban. They are both power hungry and acquisitive. Pedro Paramo had a different background. He was born in a rich family. These two characters had similar qualities; however the authors portrayed them in ways that makes them very different.
Estaban Trueba wants material wealth to feel better about himself. He realized that when he spent money on expensive things, or paid more for luxuries he felt good. He did not like to be ridiculed and he thought that being wealthy would make people respect him. He developed this idea that people who are rich deserve it, and people who are poor deserve to be poor. He did not see poverty as a misfortune, but rather as a sign of laziness and inferiority. To Estaban hard work was the key to achieving in life. Pedro Paramo got his money and his land from his father. He
decided that what he had was...

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