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How Does Interacting Anonymously Online Affect How We Socialize? Essay

  • Submitted by: Rebekahstudent
  • on November 17, 2013
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Below is an essay on "How Does Interacting Anonymously Online Affect How We Socialize?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

People socialise every day, be it from something as small as opening the door from someone with an exchange of thanks, to a full blown conversation with a group of friends. Much of socialization is based off of basic human characteristics one encounters daily, from appearance, skills, communication and presence to name a few. Everyone makes judgements on one another from what they see when they interact with different people. Notwithstanding, different rules guide how one acts online, in many sites where one can post anonymously, no one cares about someone’s life in the real world; all that seems to matter is difference of opinion. In some cases, an anonymous person may try to disturb the peace by deliberately being inappropriate or by trying to intentionally anger someone for fun.
Communication is a key aspect of how we interact with anyone, as mentioned previously, from something as small as a nod of thanks, to a full conversation. Nancy Langton, Stephen P Robbins and Timothy A. Judge(2010) in their text book “Organizational Behaviour: Concepts, Controversies, Applications” explain communicating as   “the transfer and understanding of a message between two or more people” (p 266), and over half of the message is transferred through body language, and half as much from tone and the very least is actual content. The key thing about communicating online is body language and tone is lost online, with the exception of video technology, With just content of what different people say online, much can be lost in translation. Notwithstanding, much more is lost than just the original meaning of messages; with a person’s face and identity removed much more important things like morals and standard decency can be lost too.
According to the online article (2011) “is Anonymity Online Truly Possible?” a few different types of online users are outlined. The author explains how there is the standard user who will browse, email and safely communicate with others without...

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