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How Far Would You Go? Essay

  • Submitted by: tpalombi
  • on October 30, 2010
  • Category: English
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Patricia Palombi
Maisto/Eng 1010
Oct. 20, 2010
How Far Would You Go?
Corporate ladders,dangerous terrain, Mandrills, a psychotic man on the loose, and of course, a damsel in distress are the obstacles that Jimmy, a second rate photographer encounters as he journey to the Bahamas in the middle of a hurricane, “Tart of Darkness” by Carl Hiaason tells a story of Jimmy, a man sent on a mission by his bosses at Sports Illustrated to rescue the cast and crew of the famed swimsuit issue from a eccentric and quite insane photographer, Kurtz. During his travels, he discovers that people will do most anything to seek what they want and get ahead in life.
The corporate bosses at Sports Illustrated approach Jimmy as if they were a firing squad sending Jimmy to his demise. The “feral- looking runt”, Rick’s from corporate, who is late for a meeting with the people from Lexus; a huge advertising client; has little patience. Ricks persuades Jimmy to travel to the Bahamas to find Kurtz. Ricks tantalizes Jimmy with the chance he may get a cover photo of an issue if he agrees to go. Even though Jimmy knows this is not a good idea for him to get involved, he believes that this will further his career and he will also get a chance to meet the amazing Kurtz and the alluring model Uvula, whom he has a great lust for. Little does he know, corporate thinks of him as expendable, not necessarily the right man for the job.
Kurtz is described as being over the top eccentric, with a volatile personality, but he always manages to capture the most amazing photographs. He has terroized people that have questioned his methods and expense account by, loading an accountant’s car with rancid clams, threatening to kill an editor, and getting into physical altercations with talent.
Kurtz   gets ahead in his career with intimidation, bad behavior, and striking photographs
Uvula, the beautiful model that is going to appear on the cover of the famed Sports illustrated swim suit issue has...

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