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How Have The Roles Of The Family Changed Essay

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  • on November 7, 2010
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How have the roles of the family changed since the 1900’s
Men in the 1900’s were usually the ones to work all day and provide food for the rest of the family, while the wife stayed at home and worked, and made sure food was ready on the table for when the husband came home. These days men tend to play more of a part in raising the children and being a good dad, they even take part in cooking and cleaning which they wouldn’t have done in the 1900’s.
In the 1900’s there were very few jobs available for women, apart from agriculture, farming, and industrial jobs. The poorer women would be working in factories, or taking even worse paid jobs doing catering and cleaning. The middle class women had a slightly better choice of occupation and could have jobs such as a teacher, nurse, secretaries and telephonists. In 1900 there were only a handful of female university teachers as very few women actually went to college and university to further their education. In certain jobs in the 1900’s, women were often only allowed to keep their jobs as long as they remained single, if they got married they would have to immediately resign. Any sex outside of marriage was seen forbidden as well, but today men and woman play an equal role in society, and have equal rights, for example women can vote now but in the 1900’s this was not allowed.

Children in the 1900’s were treated very poorly compared to the conditions they are raised in today and the compulsory education that they are given. Children only went to school if they belonged to a very rich family in those times. Other than that children were used as servants to the parents, being made to cook, clean and do the chores all around the house. This position was usually given to the first born and oldest child in the family, who was also expected to look after the younger children and babysit when needed. Children were sometimes trained from a young age to their mid teenage years to behave in a good manner, and have a smart...

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