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How to Balance Work & Home Essay

  • Submitted by: sansu27
  • on November 25, 2012
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Below is an essay on "How to Balance Work & Home" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

How to Balance Work and Home

Sometimes the concepts of necessary balance, work and home, performance pressures, and all the little details of life need to be approached differently. Start with your work day. Every morning dedicate a few minutes to setting achievable and reasonable work goals and then don't waste your time getting them done. Chatting with coworkers, needless trips to the bathroom, and surfing the internet are pretty good time killers that take away progress toward developing the necessary skills to manage balance, work and home life, and job performance.

Reducing stress in the workplace not only helps increase job performance but it contributes to developing the balance between work and home. Improving your communication and listening skills, allowing coworkers their opposing opinions without judging them harshly, and speaking up when you need assistance can improve your work day immensely. Reducing stress through the quiet but constant flow of music, when permitted, helps keep your heart rate lower, your mind from wandering, and your stress level decreased. You can further reduce the stress level in your work day by taking a short break when sleepiness or frustration hit and by relaxing the judgment you place on yourself.

When you return home you still have to work at developing your learning curve when it comes to how to balance work and home. Schedule your family time and unplug your connection to work; literally. During scheduled family time no electronic equipment that brings you mentally or physically back to work should be in operation. Wait until after family time to check in.

There is more to the development of concepts like balance, work, home, and family than just coming home and spending time together. There are chores to be done, food that needs to cook, and a house full of dust calling for your attention. Learn how to delegate household responsibilities throughout the household and hire a little help whenever you can. Take...

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